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Hotel rooms

rules of use and services provision

General provisions
1.1. The rooms are intended for temporary accommodation of persons for the period up to 45 days, regardless of their permanent place of residence and registration.

Accommodation for the period exceeding the above mentioned is per formed with permission of the Hotel management.

1.2. Working hours – twenty-four seven.

Accommodation procedure
2.1. Room is provided to persons having passport or equivalent identity document and filled in standard form.

2.2. Accommodation of foreign citizens (hereafter referred to as Foreigners) is performed on a regular basis on presentation of national ID of Foreigners or document confirming their identity.

2.3. Duty receptionist register Foreigners in special log book.

2.4. At the wish of the person and provided that there are vacant rooms available the person can be provided with double, triple or quadruple room with full payment for the room.

2.5. For accommodation on cashless basis organisations shall provide guarantee letters and perform advance payment for the room. Accommodation is performed after payment.

2.6. In case of ROH accommodation agreed duration of stay shall be set in the form, and this period can be prolonged with permission of the Hotel management provided that there are vacant rooms available. In case the duration of stay cannot be prolonged, the guest shall be informed about this fact no later than three hours before checkout time.

2.7. After completion of documents for accommodation, the person receives document confirming payment and room key.

2.8. Working hours – twenty-four seven. Check in after 14.00 check out before 12.00

Reservation procedure and accommodation charge
3.1. The Hotel has the right to conclude reservation agreement. In case there are vacant rooms available, the Hotel administration takes reservations from legal and natural persons (hereafter referred to as the Guest) in written or oral form.

3.2. Payment for reservation is not collected.

3.3. The Guest has the right to book a room for twenty-four hours but should the Guest withdraw the reservation in less one day before the arrival date the prepayment will not be refunded.

3.4. Room reservations for accommodation of participants of public events will be admitted 10 days before their accommodation.

3.5. Should the group or particular persons arrive half a day late the reservation will be cancelled.

3.6. Payment for accommodation and other services is performed at prices and rates set by the Hotel management based on actual revenue and expenses of the enterprise.

3.7. Payment for accommodation is performed directly during the check-in or during room reservation (at the Guest’s wish). In case accommodation is prolonged till 18.00 a payment of 50% of the cost of the room shall be made and payment of full cost of the room after 18.00.

3.8. Payment for the room is performed through cashless transfer to current account, by credit card and in cash in national currency (UAH).

3.9. The Hotel does not charge its Guests for children under 5 in case of family accommodations without additional beds for the children.

Rights and Obligations of Guests
Obligations of Guests:

When leaving the room make sure to turn off the tap, close the windows, turn off the light, TV, air conditioner, close the room and give the key to the receptionist.
Guests bear financial liability for loss or damage of property of the Hotel and shall compensate for damage in full according to effective legislation on the basis of Financial damage act.
Guests of the Hotel shall treat the property of the hotel with due care, use the equipment as intended, observe fire safety regulations. In case any damage, technical failures, emergencies (flood, inflammation etc.) the Guest shall IMMEDIATELYinform the Hotel administrator.
From 2200 to 8 AM it is required to observe silence in the premises and on the territory of the Hotel. At this time, it is FORBIDDEN to turn on TV at top volume in rooms, also it is advised to refrain from loud talks and laughter.
In case you require ironing, please, ask administrator for ironing accessories
In case you require hot drinking water, please, ask administrator to heat water in hotel electric kettle.
When air conditioner is on, all windows and front door should be closed. When airing the room, air conditioner should be turned off.
The Guest of the hotel bears full financial responsibility for damage that was caused to the Hotel due to the fault of the Guest and his visitors.
Guests bear full responsibility for actions of their visitors and their health.
Guests must not:

Accommodate visitors in their room without payment and registration of their stay after 23:00
Leave visitors in the room without the owner.
Bring and keep materials and objects that can constitute danger for people’s life and health (weapon, ammunition, explosive and narcotic substances) in the room.
Burn candles in the room
Carry out things and household appliances belonging to the Hotel
Accommodate with animals, birds, reptiles etc.
Use electric appliances that are not set in list of equipment of the room and move furniture without permission of the Hotel administration.
Smoke in rooms, halls and premises of the Hotel.
Give room keys to other persons.
Move and carry out furniture from the room.
Damage property of the Hotel.
Use hotel telephone for personal calls except for emergencies.
Use triple adaptors, extension cables, powerful electric appliances including heating appliances (electric kettle, iron etc.) except for cases when these appliances are included into the list of standard equipment of the hotel room or were provided by the personnel of the Hotel.
Leave litter in the hotel room. There are litterbins provided for these purposes. Administration of the Hotel has the right to fine the Guest for violation of this rule.
Rights and obligations of the hotel
5.1. Level of services provided to persons shall meet “Rules of hotels and similar accommodation facilities and hotel services in Ukraine”.

5.2. Stuff of accommodation service shall inform their guests about basic and additional services, their form and payment during check-in.

5.3. Information should be placed in plain view and contain:

names of regulatory documents requirements of which the services shall meet;
“ Rules of hotels and similar accommodation facilities and hotel services in Ukraine”;
Information on working hours of allocated public catering facilities, housekeeping and other services.
5.4. The Hotel shall provide the Guests with the following complimentary services:

ambulance call;
use of the hotel first aid kit;
mail delivery to the room upon its receipt;
Provision of necessary equipment.
5.5. The Hotel assumes no responsibility for preservation of personal items of the Guest in the hotel room. The Hotel bears responsibility for loss of money and other valuables only under condition that they were rendered to the Hotel for storage in safe.

5.6. In case of loss or damage of personal items of the Guest, he should immediately inform the reception of the hotel. In case the Guest did not make any claims against the Hotel by the end of his stay, it shall be considered that his personal items were not lost or damaged.

5.7. In case there is any lost property the Hotel shall immediately inform the owner, if the owner is known. Lost property remains in the Hotel for six months and after that, it shall be destroyed.

5.8. The Hotel bears no responsibility for the health of the Guests in case of substance abuse, self-treatment etc.

5.9. By signing a registration card the Guest gives his consent to personal data collection and processing by the Hotel and its use for performance of economic, administrative and legal relations, accounting relations, audit and statistics etc. in accordance with the Law of Ukraine “On Personal Data Protection”.

5.10. Change of bedding, towels and toiletries shall be carried out twice a week.

5.11. Routine cleaning shall be carried out every day. In case the Guest would like to decline cleaning services he shall inform the administration of the Hotel in advance.

5.12. The Hotel shall be responsible for complexity and functionality of equipment in rooms before check-in.

5.13. All employees directly related to service of guests shall undergo medical check-up according to established procedure and results of suck check-up shall be stated in their medical card. These medicals cards shall be provided at request of representatives of regulatory authorities.

5.14. The Hotel shall keep a Book of comments and suggestions.

5.15. According to effective legislation the Hotel shall provide protection of rights and interests of people provided by the Law of Ukraine “On Consumer Rights Protection”.

5.16. The Hotel bears no responsibility for work of municipal services (water and electricity outage).

5.17. Should the Guest violate any internal accommodation rules resulting in financial damage and inconveniences for other guests the Hotel has the right to to refuse further accommodation.

5.18. The Hotel has the right to terminate the agreement (perform check-out) in case the Guest:

– violates these Rules resulting in financial damage and inconveniences for other guests;

– does not pay, untimely and/or not in full pays for the Hotel services;

– disturbs public peace;

– breaks the silence from 23:00 till 8:00.

5.19. The Hotel reserves the right to enter the room without agreement with the Guest in case of smoke contamination, fire, flood, as well as in case of violation of the Hotel policy by the Guest, disturbance of public peace, violation of rules of use of household appliances.

5.20. In case the guest is absent from place of residence (hotel room) for over six hours following the check-out time (from 12:00), the Hotel has the right to appoint a commission and perform inventory of property in the room.

5.21. During the check-out the administrator shall accept the room from the Guest.

5.22. The hotel has the right to refuse accommodation in case:

the guests has no documents, the documents are not valid or there is a suspicion the documents may be fake;
payment for the room was not performed in established order and in required amount;
the Guest’s appearance is untidy and dirty, the Guest is under the influence of alcohol, his behaviour is aggressive and inadequate;
the Guest refuses to observe internal accommodation rules (visiting hours, noise, smoking in corridors or lobby of the Hotel);
the Guest is listed in the list of undesirable guests (stop-list);
in other cases provided by legislation of Ukraine and common sense.
Rules Observance Control
6.1. Rules observance control is performed by the administration of the Hotel.

All territory of the hotel is under video surveillance.

All information is registered, recorded on digital medium and stored.

Video surveillance is carried out for safety reasons of guests, their property and property of the Hotel.

In case of violation of hotel accommodation rules the administration reserves the right to refuse further accommodation of the Guest.